First, I’d like to say…

In light of the First Class Honours i’ma be graduating with this year POW POW,

what other firsts has 2016 brought about for princeslay?



First blog post since January.

First time I’ve been plagued day and night about the state of the world and of my country. (2016 needs to be turned off and on again)

First time I’ve reached the one year point of relations with a sexy WOman.

First time in years I’ve felt some control over my own life. Rather than it’s constant dictation by three faceless individuals in a small room with a CAMcorder.

First time I’ve actually considered doing a natural hair journey. Ha i’m 24 and while all these other b****** afro’s be growing down past their shoulders, mine’s still picky as shit.

First time I’ve decided to put my late night fried chicken ventures to bed. Someone pass me a fucking super food salad then, go on.

First time in years I’ve re-ordered my credit card. (I hid it from myself, and then well, I couldn’t find it. And UNI is over, dang I miss that student loan!)

First time I’ve started having my clothes taken out. Babe, I got that ankle length black denim skirt with slits up the side for £18 in a Cheap Monday sale 3 years ago. I’m not about to not get it up past my ayyyyaaassss.

First time I’ve ever written a feature length film script. (More to come on that…)

First time i’ve seen Beyonce and Rihanna at Wembley in the space of a week. Black female empowerment is literally seeping out of my eyeballs. THE GODS HAVE SPOKEN AND NOW I AM BLIND.

First time I ate beans on toast, breakfast lunch and dinner, for 5 days so I could see Beyonce and Rihanna at Wembley in the space of week. BLIND AND HANGRY.

First time attempting to apply for jobs. Jobs? 9-5, what the fuck is that?

First milestone moment of an actual friend getting engaged and realising that it’s not weird cus we old as fuck. (And being asked to be maid of honour, cus we old)

First time in a long time not wanting to claw down someones throat and ravage their insides whenever they ask, ‘are you Liv from Skins?’ It’s amazing the self calm generated through the end of Third Year.

First Love Island experience. Hell no I wasn’t on the show, but I’ve lived and loved as one of them for the last 5 weeks, that shit is exhausting. Cara and Nathan to win!!??!!??

First time watching my friends on telly and not being crazy jel, just happy for them.

(Not the) First time I’ve considered calling it a day on all this acting stuff, and i’m sure it certainly won’t be the last.

(Not the) First time I push myself to my breaking point just to see how far I can go. (One day, whilst writing my dissertation, I ate 10 packets of pickled onion monster munch in a row. I only stopped because I thought my tongue was bleeding)

First time i’m looking forward and i’m finally more excited then I am worried. I think shits gunna be fun, lez do it.


When I hit up LGBT BuZzfeed

I’m making a minor escape from the academic shitty cesspit in my head dedicated to my third year at Uni to bring something quite personal to my blog that I’d now like to share.

So a lovely lad from Buzzfeed asked me along with a few others to write our experiences with ‘coming out’ for National Coming Out Day which coincided with Black History Month, 2015.

I initially posted on my Facebook to many who had no idea, but now I’d like to share the article further.

The whole thing is very endearing and brave.

BuZzfeed Article for Black History Month

Have a read – im in there x

me and posie


I wanna take a quick minute to talk about my degree. You see I don’t think Brit’ students , more specifically the younger ones, could really give two shits about what they’re studying.

You might think i’m stating the obvious there, or that i’m making a pretty broad generalization.  But my point is, I was on the tube today and I had a sudden stroke of fear. Fear of finishing ‘Pooni Uni’ as I’ve now come to call it.

Not because of all that  find a job, my life has no meaning bollocks (that’ll come next Summer), but because i’m absolutely like a total lover of learning.

I am, in fact, a keen fucking bean.

University, all though in no way worth 45Gizzles (pretend money of course), has opened up my eyes. I’m more aware of my capabilities, and of endless possibilities. I’ve been given the opportunity to dream again.

Don’t get me wrong, yes I have one or two fab acting credentials already under my belt but in a way they were my introduction into higher learning. Plus auditioning can become so tedious and dampening sometimes.

My beautifully ambiguous, creatively challenging BA in Media and Cultural Studies has taught me that I can do so many things, be so many things and see so many things – I just need to believe in myself and albeit work a little harder.

I feel like these are only things I would have appreciated as an older student. I feel that many of the people at my University have fallen out of love with learning. Maybe it’s just become so second nature to us that we abuse our right to education in this country.

Or maybe like my friend Sam said ‘we’re all just here for the degree, there’s no thirst for knowledge.’



Where are they now?

Thank you Buzzfeed. I was getting a ridiculous amount of views on my blog, and me being the anxious maniac that I am assumed it was because some ex boyfriend had put out a bum shot of me on the net.


Safe to say that hasn’t occurred. Actually…Buzzfeed decided to do a Skins Cast – Then & Now?

‘Laya has been in a few short films, including Beverly and The Line. She also has a blog.’


Where am I now?

In bed, listening to The Cranberries, thinking about why i’m awake, and why I don’t have food at arms reach.

Where am I now?

Auditioning my little heart out with hopes of continuing to do the job I love so much. A job that’s like a drug, chipping away at you, but you just gotta get another hit and everything will be cool.

Where am I now?

Working in a bar in Shoreditch, getting wasted all too much and treating London as my giant playground before September drops and I enter my 3rd year of Uni. Hmph.

Where am I now?

Trying to blog more and not get drunk.

Where am I now?

Not thinking about when my little bubble of Uni safety bursts and I am once again over come with the urge to run away and get lost in some distant part of the world. Like Ecuador.

Ill make jewellery. Yes.

Where am I now?

Not comparing myself to every other member of the three different Skins casts. (Lie)

Where am I now?

Enjoying my adult adolescence, making bad decisions.

Where am I now?

Not getting paranoid about what my face will actually look like in 20 years time? Or how babies actually learn to speak? Gahh.

Where am I now?

Convincing myself i’m not studying just to ‘get a degree’…higher education is enjoyable. It is.

It actually is though, i’m definitely better at pub quizzes since I became a student.

Where am I now?

Attempting to keep my shit together and be an adult…like buying a lip balm and actually finishing it. I think that’s when I’ll know i’m an adult. Or when I actually reach the expiry date on my bank card…instead of loosing it min’ 3 times a year.

I think its safe to say I have no idea where I am? What a scary thought knowing exactly where you are.
Where the fuck are you?

Summer Shenanigans

So as I’ve made it super clear in previous posts I am a big lover of fun Summer shenanigans. I do the whole UK festival thing and I make sure I get at least 2 holidays on the cards. This is my me time, from September onwards this is what I look forward too (obz chrimbo too because what crazy person doesn’t dig chrim?)

So last year I did Croatia; spent 10 days in HVAR island hopping, sun lounging, looking at all those lucky f***s on their yachts. It was an absolute beautiful madness and I loved every second of it. It’s sort of a party town for the elite, with normal poor people like me flapping about also.



I spent my birthday, May 14th, in Italy, staying on the Amalfi Coast. Gorgeous. Albeit my ex and I did go at a time when it was hot, but not sweltering, and the golden oldies were out in full force. We were the youngest in the hotel by at least 30 years. I kid you not. But that turned out to be part of the magic. I met some amazing people, and sat through about 1 million anecdotes, all very sweet, some a little cheeky. From Amalfi we travelled to Ravello, a town in the mountains, to see its famous gardens, Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo. And we also took a boat down to Positano. The highlight for me. Watch The Talented Mr Ripley, a lot of it is shot there. So cute.



I also spent NY in Amsterdam. That needs to telling. YOU KNOW.

I’m not gunna go on about past years but lets just say i’m feeling like this summer is all about fun fun fun. Party fun. Before I hit a point where I can’t be bothered anymore and party people annoy the f*** out of me.