I wanna take a quick minute to talk about my degree. You see I don’t think Brit’ students , more specifically the younger ones, could really give two shits about what they’re studying.

You might think i’m stating the obvious there, or that i’m making a pretty broad generalization.  But my point is, I was on the tube today and I had a sudden stroke of fear. Fear of finishing ‘Pooni Uni’ as I’ve now come to call it.

Not because of all that  find a job, my life has no meaning bollocks (that’ll come next Summer), but because i’m absolutely like a total lover of learning.

I am, in fact, a keen fucking bean.

University, all though in no way worth 45Gizzles (pretend money of course), has opened up my eyes. I’m more aware of my capabilities, and of endless possibilities. I’ve been given the opportunity to dream again.

Don’t get me wrong, yes I have one or two fab acting credentials already under my belt but in a way they were my introduction into higher learning. Plus auditioning can become so tedious and dampening sometimes.

My beautifully ambiguous, creatively challenging BA in Media and Cultural Studies has taught me that I can do so many things, be so many things and see so many things – I just need to believe in myself and albeit work a little harder.

I feel like these are only things I would have appreciated as an older student. I feel that many of the people at my University have fallen out of love with learning. Maybe it’s just become so second nature to us that we abuse our right to education in this country.

Or maybe like my friend Sam said ‘we’re all just here for the degree, there’s no thirst for knowledge.’




One thought on “Thirsty 

  1. Hi Laya! I’m not sure if you read these comments but I’m also a third year student in the school of arts, media and culture (in Seattle) This summer I will be studying abroad in London and was hoping I could get the chance to meet you, even if it’s just a picture 🙂 That would absolutely make my life. Sorry ahead of time if this is hella weird.


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