Where are they now?

Thank you Buzzfeed. I was getting a ridiculous amount of views on my blog, and me being the anxious maniac that I am assumed it was because some ex boyfriend had put out a bum shot of me on the net.


Safe to say that hasn’t occurred. Actually…Buzzfeed decided to do a Skins Cast – Then & Now?

‘Laya has been in a few short films, including Beverly and The Line. She also has a blog.’


Where am I now?

In bed, listening to The Cranberries, thinking about why i’m awake, and why I don’t have food at arms reach.

Where am I now?

Auditioning my little heart out with hopes of continuing to do the job I love so much. A job that’s like a drug, chipping away at you, but you just gotta get another hit and everything will be cool.

Where am I now?

Working in a bar in Shoreditch, getting wasted all too much and treating London as my giant playground before September drops and I enter my 3rd year of Uni. Hmph.

Where am I now?

Trying to blog more and not get drunk.

Where am I now?

Not thinking about when my little bubble of Uni safety bursts and I am once again over come with the urge to run away and get lost in some distant part of the world. Like Ecuador.

Ill make jewellery. Yes.

Where am I now?

Not comparing myself to every other member of the three different Skins casts. (Lie)

Where am I now?

Enjoying my adult adolescence, making bad decisions.

Where am I now?

Not getting paranoid about what my face will actually look like in 20 years time? Or how babies actually learn to speak? Gahh.

Where am I now?

Convincing myself i’m not studying just to ‘get a degree’…higher education is enjoyable. It is.

It actually is though, i’m definitely better at pub quizzes since I became a student.

Where am I now?

Attempting to keep my shit together and be an adult…like buying a lip balm and actually finishing it. I think that’s when I’ll know i’m an adult. Or when I actually reach the expiry date on my bank card…instead of loosing it min’ 3 times a year.

I think its safe to say I have no idea where I am? What a scary thought knowing exactly where you are.
Where the fuck are you?

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