The Voice

So I’m doing a little PR work exp for Ian Johnson Publicity (I like to dip my fingers into many many pie, I wanna know how and why things go down the way they do, in everything). They’re a creative PR agency for British TV and are currently looking after The Voice England, Season 4 – which had its live final Sat just gone. If you don’t know what The Voice is you must be a bloody Martian – it’s that talent show where the coaches sit on those big fat chairs and have a big fat button and they push it if they think someone has THE VOICE. The auditions are blind see, so they can’t see the person, just hear DUN DUN DUNNN -THE VOICE. If I make an effort to tune in start to finish, a talent series can be amazing. You become so invested in these people because you sorta feel, well, that you are them. Or your best mate is them. But deep down I always felt it was some sort of façade. Like dude this isn’t actually happening. But alas, it is. I had the pleasure of doing press with the four finalists, Sasha, Lucy, Stevie and Emmanuel, the day before the final. And let me tell you, everything you see on your screen, every tear, every look of dispair, every damn fist pump, it’s all real. These ‘regular’ people give themselves up to world, to be tested and mocked and cheered and loved – if for a short time only, and I realised it must be one of the most harrowing things anyone could go through. If you watched The Voice 4 you’ll know Stevie, lovely, sweet, gorgeous, fightin fires ‘n’ shhhhit Stevie, won the show. He absolutely deserves it and I’ve been honoured to have spent some of these winning hours with him whilst he promotes his winning single, which is currently midweek number one, uhh, winning. I continue to have the pleasure of getting to experience some wonderful, random shit in my life. And to meet Stevie, and be enlightened into the hard process of competing in and winning a show like The Voice, it’s been very cool. I think I thought it was all a bit naff this time a week ago, but I realise now that that was just another ignorant thought waiting to be stamped out. All in all major props to the individuals who put themselves out there on a show like The Voice, for the world to see, in order to perhaps step closer to their dreams. Do you dare to dream? Maybe you do, but I bet you wouldn’t do a fucking thing about it. YOU SHOULD. Stevie, all the best.


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