Summer Shenanigans

So as I’ve made it super clear in previous posts I am a big lover of fun Summer shenanigans. I do the whole UK festival thing and I make sure I get at least 2 holidays on the cards. This is my me time, from September onwards this is what I look forward too (obz chrimbo too because what crazy person doesn’t dig chrim?)

So last year I did Croatia; spent 10 days in HVAR island hopping, sun lounging, looking at all those lucky f***s on their yachts. It was an absolute beautiful madness and I loved every second of it. It’s sort of a party town for the elite, with normal poor people like me flapping about also.



I spent my birthday, May 14th, in Italy, staying on the Amalfi Coast. Gorgeous. Albeit my ex and I did go at a time when it was hot, but not sweltering, and the golden oldies were out in full force. We were the youngest in the hotel by at least 30 years. I kid you not. But that turned out to be part of the magic. I met some amazing people, and sat through about 1 million anecdotes, all very sweet, some a little cheeky. From Amalfi we travelled to Ravello, a town in the mountains, to see its famous gardens, Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo. And we also took a boat down to Positano. The highlight for me. Watch The Talented Mr Ripley, a lot of it is shot there. So cute.



I also spent NY in Amsterdam. That needs to telling. YOU KNOW.

I’m not gunna go on about past years but lets just say i’m feeling like this summer is all about fun fun fun. Party fun. Before I hit a point where I can’t be bothered anymore and party people annoy the f*** out of me.




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