Sound Minds

Today I had the pleasure of wiggling my way into the rehearsal space of a very inspirational band. Not only that but they allowed myself and my group to film them whilst they played. That band were Channel One. Heard of them? Probably not. They don’t mind though.

Before I go on let me give you some back story. I’ve been working on a project with a small group of friends. It’s basically a pitch for a new(ish) charity named Stigma Global + Stigma 1in4. They’re a baby charity and we’ve basically been given the task of bombarding them with young, fresh, original ideas that will get them off their feet and secure there place as a top charity for mental health.

As i’m sure you’ve guessed from the name, Stigma Global are all about breaking down negative attitudes and ignorance towards mental health. Their aim is to hold concerts that raise money and awareness for their charity Stigma 1in4 and other charities. But they’re not too sure about what to do with the money they raise.

My aunt, Coral Hines (type her name into youtube she’s cool as f***), has chronic mental health. Diagnosed with Manic Depression (now Bi-polar) in her early 20’s, and one of the most creative people I know, I knew her involvement with the project was an absolute. For 20 years now she has been part of a group name Sound Minds who class themselves as ‘arts for mental health’. This stems from acting, to writing and recording music, to painting and placing your art in exhibitions. Talent resides in all of us. Don’t think because society deems you as ‘different’, that you can’t be who you want to be.

photo 5

I spent the day at Sound Minds filming her band rehearse and grabbing interviews. The plan is to create something that could possibly be played throughout a Stigma concert. It’s all fair and well having celeb musicians play to raise money, but doesn’t that only reinforce ignorance and albeit stigma. Why not attempt to integrate musicians with mental health into the equation.

Probably easier said then done I know. But lets give it a go.

If you’re a creative mind who suffers from mental illness and want someone to talk to, or even want to take an accredited course in music production, guitar, song writing or keyboard…look them up. They’re a wonderful group/charity taking the right steps in the only direction. Lets all open up our eyes. Sound Minds.

Website – Sound Minds

Website – Stigma Global 


3 thoughts on “Sound Minds

  1. You are so amazing and inspirational. For someone who suffers from social anxiety and is an artist…something like this where I live in America would be super helpful.


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