As I’ve mentioned i’m a student but also an actor (when I get work ha). A project I am massively proud of has recently been completed and is about to begin it’s film festival touring journey – which I hope will be a long and fruitful one. I just wanted to say a few words about it as it recently screened at BFI Southbank and I was blown away by the final edit.

Beverley is the story of a mixed-race teenage girl growing up in Leicester in the 80’s, dealing with her own identity issues and the discriminate attitudes of those around her. With a white mum and a black dad, the family (which also includes her sister and brother) stick out like a sore thumb. The film is set to a 2-Tone musical backdrop that helps carry you through this young girls journey as she tries to find her own self and where that self fits in the world. Being mixed race I was obviously onboard with the Short Film from the off. I definitely remember the odd name call in school, like umm, you’re ‘washout’; apparently because I was well spoken and my friendship group was made up of a mix of black and white it meant my black and been ‘washed’ out of me. CLASSIC!

So on Friday night I went to a screening event, Celebrate:Connect, held by a group called S.O.U.L. who aim to support creative, black and ethnic British rising stars. The group is supported by the BFI (British Film Institute) so they hold screenings and events at the BFI Southbank Centre. The evening was amazing, the room was a bustling hub of creativity! Anyone interested should check out their website SoulFilm. Their next event takes place on the 22nd of May so if you’re a young film maker/actor/producer or you’ve generally got ideas coming out of your eyeballs hit them up!

The Beverley Trailer ^^


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